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    Please distribute far and wide This Green Party counter-rally is being held simultaneously with the Tea Party's kick-off of its national tour.

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    The Tea Party has steered our nation further toward the reactionary right, undermining workers' collective bargaining rights, attacking human rights such as access to health care, damaging our environment through attacks on regulation, and fostering an anti-diversity agenda that scapegoats Muslims, immigrants, and the LGBT community. The Green Party's platform is based on 10 Key Values, and unlike its corporate-controlled Democratic and Republican counterparts, the Green Party refuses to accept any corporate financing.

    The Green Party holds dear to a core set of humanitarian and ecological values essential to building a sustainable society that honors the needs of struggling blue and white collar workers and the Earth as a whole.

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    Other features will include progressive speakers and cultural highlights such as live entertainment, fun information booths, iced green tea, and vegetarian cuisine from Food Not Bombs of Santa Rosa. In line with our Green Party values of ecological wisdom and personal and global responsibility, this will be a zero waste event, and we ask that participants bring canned food items to the rally for donation to the Napa Food Bank.

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    Event participants should be advised that the Napa authorities may consider this peaceful assembly of citizens to be an act of civil disobedience. Despite the ongoing days to die stick of dynamite of the Napa County Green Party to work in good faith to obtain a permit, the City appears intransigent. Our rally will culminate in a progressive solidarity march from Veterans Park to the Napa Valley Expo Fairgrounds just across the river to protest the Tea Party Express event being held there.

    For more information, please email napacountygreenparty gma il.

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