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Traducción para "strecoara" en el rumano-inglés diccionario contextual gratuito coada de vierme în engleză divastudio. I know well that nobody will put his ass on the line for me, nobody is with me during bad times, maybe only on good times. Everybody saves his own skin, have his own interest, so it's better if I too act a bit slick.

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  • Coada de vierme în engleză.
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Music it's the same as life, a serious game, for some is dangerous but pays good, Money flow with every true song, many stacks appear in front of you, And everybody wants to take the biggest cut, you have to fight even with your own brother. Those who believe that this slick game is easy, those who believe it's easy to write a ryme better shut up before they do so, not everyone can write a song paraziți la copii will be liked by the public.

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Many men kiss a boss's ass to succeed in life, I'm a thug but I'll never be someone's obedient slave. When to stick at traduccion look over your shoulder, there is no one on your to stick at traduccion I'm not telling you that me and my homies sell our souls, for money and fame we take on even the Cartel, I'm saying we still dont know nothing, it's just nonesense, money make the Earth spin and this hurts.

I admit, I sing for both thugs and to make money, what do you sing for, you sing for orphans?

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  • Segmentate Worms: Mai mult decât Ramele
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If you could just see the stacks in your hands, maybe you would shut your trap so I will not be forced to punch you anymore. I understand people that steal or hustle, they know the world is perverse and they don't bow scaun galben giardia to anyone.

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So buy a stampto stick on your map. When they dont have money, you think that they're some suckers, so they dont accept it, they start thugging, and when they get money, you start respecting them, you praise them, you finally think they're important.

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It's not easy to make money, no matter what method you parazit rostlin, so shut your trap, I dont wanna hear a word about it. Atunci, ia un timbru de lireîl lipești pe legitimație.

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That was a smart move, to stick around at Versace today. A fost foarte bine că ai rămas la Versace astăzi.

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