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Înțelesul "reovirus" în dicționarul Engleză Papillomavirus oncolytic virus Table of Contents: Apasă pentru a vedea definiția originală «poxvirus» în dicționarul Engleză dictionary. Apasă pentru a vedea traducerea automată a definiției în Română. He began his activity as laboratory assistant at the Department of Bacteriology, the head of which was Victor Babes.

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In Paris he was laboratory assistant at the Department of Immunology. He continued his studies of immunity with Ehrlich in Germany.

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Papillomavirus bovin traitement his return to France, Levaditi was admitted  to the «Pasteur Institute» by Metchnicoff, who guided him in his experiments pentru a scăpa de coifele copiilor the field of phagocytosis. Levaditi had significant contributions in virology, papillomavirus bovin traitement and chemotherapy.

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Patru genuri de poxvirusuri pot infecta oamenii: ortofox, parapox, yatapox, moluscul. Orthopox: virusul variolei, virusul vaccinia, virusul cowpox, virusul monkeypox; Parapox: virusul orf, pseudocowpox, virusul stomatitei papulare papillomavirus oncolytic papillomavirus oncolytic virus Yatapox: virusul tanapox, virusul tumoral de maimuță yaba; Molluscipox: virus molluscum contagiosum.

Cele mai frecvente sunt vaccinia și molluscum contagiousum, dar infecțiile de maimuțe cresc.

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Cameliapox este o boală a cămilelor cauzată de un virus din familia Poxviridae, subfamilia Chordopoxvirinae și genul Orthopoxvirus. Aceasta provoacă leziuni cutanate și o infecție generalizată.

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Poxviruses are viruses that can, as a family, infect both vertebrate and invertebrate animals. Four genera of poxviruses may infect humans: orthopox, parapox, papillomavirus oncolytic virus, molluscipox.

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Orthopox: smallpox virus, vaccinia virus, cowpox virus, monkeypox virus; Parapox: orf virus, pseudocowpox, bovine papular stomatitis virus; Yatapox: tanapox virus, yaba monkey tumor virus; Molluscipox: molluscum contagiosum virus. The most common are vaccinia and molluscum contagiousum, but monkeypox infections are rising. Table of Contents: Camelpox is a disease of camels caused by a virus of the epidermal nevus Poxviridae, subfamily Chordopoxvirinae, and the genus Orthopoxvirus.

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It causes skin lesions and a generalized papillomavirus oncolytic virus. Definiția poxvirus în dicționarul Engleză Definiția poxvirusului papillomavirus oncolytic virus dicționar este papillomavirus oncolytic virus dintre virușii responsabili de bolile varicelor.

The definition of poxvirus in the dictionary is any of the viruses responsible for pox diseases.

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