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Endometrial cancer hrt


    February The clinical benefits of hormone replacement therapy in women have to be carefully balanced against the possible risks, and a particular theoretical concern relates to risks associated with various forms of female oncology.

    endometrial cancer hrt

    Because of conflicting reports, gynecologists and oncologists especially need a single, authoritative resource of up-to-date information. Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cancer, published in association with the International Menopause Society, endometrial cancer hrt the very consensus statement that clinicians need in this difficult and complex area.

    Many of the world's leading specialists have contributed important chapters that provide state-of-the-art knowledge about the effects of hormones on women endometrial cancer hrt possible cancer risks.

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    The introductory section deals with carcinogenesis, and the other main sections cover HRT and breast cancer, endometrial cancer, colon cancer, melanoma and epithelial ovarian cancer. The concluding chapters discuss the benefits and risks of sp ecific therapies. An authoritative clinical reference with extensive bibliographic references and index, Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cancer covers all aspects of HRT and cancer based on the research available up to June

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